Advanced Orders

The following guide should be read in conjunction with the specific documentation from the broker or exchange involving these order types, lists/groups and execution instructions (such as for Interactive Brokers).

Order Lists

Larger order bulks can be grouped together into a list with a common order_list_id . The orders contained in this bulk may or may not have a contingent relationship with each other, as this is specific to how the orders themselves are constructed, and the specific exchange they are being routed to.

Contingency Types

  • OTO are parent orders with ‘one-triggers-other’ child orders.

  • OCO are linked orders with linked_order_ids which are contingent on the others remaining quantity (one-cancels/reduces-other).

Bracket Orders

Is a group of orders including some entry order bracketed by two child orders being a take-profit LIMIT order and stop-loss STOP_MARKET order. The best way to build this group is via the OrderFactory .