Python API

Welcome to the Python API reference for NautilusTrader!

The API reference provides detailed technical documentation for the NautilusTrader framework, including its modules, classes, methods, and functions. The reference is automatically generated from the latest NautilusTrader source code using Sphinx .

Please note that there are separate references for different versions of NautilusTrader:

  • Latest : This API reference is built from the head of the master branch and represents the latest stable release.

  • Nightly : This API reference is built from the head of the nightly branch and represents bleeding edge and experimental changes/features currently in development.

You can select the desired API reference from the Versions top right drop down menu.


If you select an item from the top level navigation, this will take you to the Latest API reference.

Use the right navigation sidebar to explore the available modules and their contents. You can click on any item to view its detailed documentation, including parameter descriptions, and return value explanations.

Why Python?

Python was originally created decades ago as a simple scripting language with a clean straight forward syntax. It has since evolved into a fully fledged general purpose object-oriented programming language. Based on the TIOBE index, Python is currently the most popular programming language in the world. Not only that, Python has become the de facto lingua franca of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

The language out of the box is not without its drawbacks however, especially in the context of implementing large performance-critical systems. Cython has addressed a lot of these issues, offering all the advantages of a statically typed language, embedded into Pythons rich ecosystem of software libraries and developer/user communities.